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Win 2000 points free of charge at the first trip.


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Travel Free

Al-Shafai Travel and Tourism pleased to invite you to join the Travel Plus program, which allows you the opportunity to take advantage of the generous rewards points and replace your points against purchase of tickets or packages for a free travel trip with more than 47 airlines covering almost all the places of the world, spend the weekend at a luxury hotel or avail Domestic / International packages.


Membership for Individuals and Corporate:-

Travels Plus membership immediately adds 2000 points to your account in blue category with free of charge at the first booking from the Al-Shafai Travel. In order to qualify for a higher category earn more points to reach silver or gold membership.

Registration is very easy:-

You can contact our customer care department by dialling 920005666 from Saudi Arabia or email your full details to or fill the form on our website .

How to Collect Points:-

Whenever you have purchase any International ticket or Packages from Al- Shafai Travel you will get points according to your category. So more purchase, more points, more benefits and upgrade to higher category.

Redemption of Points:-

Travel Plus provides the freedom to redeem your points at any time. You can redeem whole points at once or in part, from the offers provided by Al - Shafai Travel.